2 Bites of High Fructose Corn Syrup

1. Those Sweet Surprise commercials that you thought were misplaced SNL skits? Those are paid for by the Corn Refiners' Association - the old, crusty guys making billions off of the cheap, easy-to-grow, genetically engineered, pesticide-ridden corn grown on industrial fields to be mutated into an unnatural product called corn syrup in a science lab.


2 Bites of Ammonia-Infused Beef

1. For anyone who hasn't seen Food Inc., it might be a shocking new fact that ground beef is saturated in ammonia to kill the infectious E. Coli that commonly plagues grain-fed beef sources.


1 Bite of Pumpkin: Or Is It?

1. Canned pumpkin, it turns out, is actually not 100% pumpkin 100% of the time. There's nothing unnatural in the can (except perhaps BPA, considering it is a can, but save that for another bite), just other forms of squash. Canned pumpkin is harmless (again, aside from BPA present in can linings) other than the fact that a label may be misleading.

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3 Veggie Burger Bites: Why Soy Scares Me

1. Soy is very cheap and very easy to grow. Many food corporations like to use soy in any way that they can to replace more expensive ingredients in food. They have spread popular rumors that it is a healthy protein, good for you and a great alternative to meat.

2 Bites Dipped in Olive Oil, a.k.a. "EVOO"

1. Olive oil is first extracted by cold pressing, then potentially "treated" with various chemical and mechanical processes. The difference between EVOO and other types of olive oil (light, extra light, etc.) is the level at which the oil has been processed.