3 Veggie Burger Bites: Why Soy Scares Me

1. Soy is very cheap and very easy to grow. Many food corporations like to use soy in any way that they can to replace more expensive ingredients in food. They have spread popular rumors that it is a healthy protein, good for you and a great alternative to meat.

2. Soy has been eaten by many cultures for many years. But not completely raw, not hydrogenated, not as oil. Fermented forms of soy have been eaten traditionally, and with a balancing ingredient like seaweed. This is because seaweed contains a lot of iodine. The body, especially the thyroid, needs to digest soy in fermented form and with a natural source of iodine in order to maintain good health.

3. Soy mimics estrogen and this fact was used to convince women, especially those in the post-menopausal stage, to consume it freely and reap the benefits. However, the effects of soy in the diet of both men and women is more harmful than helpful - and possibly causes cancer.

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